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Individualised programs for children who have toileting issues.

If you and your child need some support to get through the major milestone of toilet training, our friendly, specialist team can help.


Lisa Smith

Registered Nurse

Based in Napier, the Children's Continence Service is led by Lisa Smith, a Registered Nurse who has specialized in Pediatric Nursing for over 30 years. She has spent the last 10+ years leading the Bowel Management Clinic within Hasting Memorial Hospital's Pediatric Unit. 

Lisa is also a certified Relax Kids coach, which aims to develop a child's self-confidence, self-esteem and improve behaviors and emotional resilience, The Childrens Continence Service is a specialized service offered by Beacon Aotearoa Ltd



Cute kid potty training for pee and poo.

BOSS of Your Bladder (Bedwetting)

A 12 week programme for night-time issues for children 8 yrs+. Includes Enuresis Alarm hire.

BOSS of Your Bladder (Daytime)

For children 5 yrs+ who have persistent daytime wetting. Includes phone/email follow ups for 1 year

PROMPT (Pro-Motion Bowel Training)

For children 2 yrs+ who have chronic constipation and require more intensive support


1 hour consultation which covers the essentials of bowel and bladder health for your child


1 hours education workshop on toilet training, constipation, bedwetting and daytime wetting


Parents Recommend

Connie M

"Lisa has been amazing at helping our whanau with supporting our child. She has done everything to help him both at home and at school! Def recommend '

Jodi B

"Lisa has been pivotal in my son's support and development with toileting and fostering a happy "Mr Poo" and "Little Miss Wee". 😅 She 100% was all about making the toileting experience a happy one for all of us (in what can become quite a stressful thing), and had loads of practical advice and encouragement along with the medical expertise.

Highly recommend."

Jan S

"Found Lisa an awesome understanding and caring coach through a difficult time for my granddaughter."

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